06 September, 2007

all is well

well today was marvelous, as far as the past day, as in the day before yesterday.

choir used to make me nervous because i'd never done anything like that before, but i love it. i'm becomming more confidant and louder. mrs hodges is a wonderful teacher and a definite blessing. we are singing this song called ladaunte or something of that nature, and i looooove it. speech is pretty fun too. i had my doubts, but it's certainly one of my favorites now.

on another note, (just kinda rambling now) i think that over the summer and so far this year, although it's only the end of the 2nd week of school, i think that i have grown a lot as a person. i think i def. have a better idea of it is that i truly am. what it is that i feel. who brings out the best in me. what i enjoy in a person and or in myself. i appreciate more. i feel more. i am mature in more aspects.

i just i'm alisha. i am alisha. i know who i am.


lisa[wants world peace] said...

and i just love alisha.

molly fantastic said...

thanks dude.

Sara Triana said...

the Alisha that CAN dance for hours and not be embarrassed.