15 January, 2010

boring out the door!

goal for college.

let me say that since i've been in college, i might have turned into a tshirt, sweats, jeans kinda gal. what happened to my creativity and thrifting??? it must return. it's part of who i am. so i am going to try and dress creatively 2x a week.

14 January, 2010

new news

firstly a list of goals: (hey it's the new year and to be expected)

  • be a healthy person. that's in every aspect. i want my relationships, my mind, my body, my spiritual walk, my intellectuality (is that a word?), etc. i want my body to run without too many kinks
  • get more in the word because i want to; i don't ever want it to be become a chore
  • give people more of my time
  • stop worrying about what people will think when i sing. *this is a big one
  • don't be so fearful of trying things. it's okay to do things you're not the best at. sometimes failure is in the cards.
  • make more friends in MY grade...all my close friends are graduating after next year
  • don't be so apathetic about my clarinet
  • clean out some of my closet. my wardrobe needs to grow up! i can't be 17 forever!
  • be even more serious about college. perfection!
  • read more
  • talk to joe don at least 10 min a day
secondly, check out my dad rockin the snuggie!

i have come to accept the fact that i am indeed a compulsive sniffer. i sniff before i speak, mid-sentence, every 5 seconds, here and there. i suppose it's a nervous habit. my dad and joe don fail to let it be.

i love love love the sound of ticking clocks, watches, maybe even a pocket watch. it makes me think of 101 Dalmatians when perdy is about to have her pups, or when i'm spending the night at my memaw and papaw's house because my papaw has an old fashioned alarm clock that has the piece of metal that goes back and forth between two domed pieces of metal...i know, i sound so educated :)

i am sad because today, as i greatly suspected, it was learned that i have carpal tunnel. boo hiss as my mother would say. my knitting is put on hold, sorry joe don. but blast you knitting, for you are the ultimate cause to my great misfortune! oh the sacrifices we make for art and craftsmanship!

today i received a package in the mail. that is package #2 this week :) i love mail! send me a letter, or make a magazine collage if you so please. please!
Alisha Locklear
1000 center Ave. #3609
Brownwood, Tx 76801

hey, its just an idea, maybe wishful thinking. heck, i don't even know if anyone reads this. the point is, in this package was a pair of NAVY sweatpants from joe don, the return of my bear child Robearto, and my pink squish pillow! i immediately stripped my legs of levi's and replaced them with the sweats! oh how refreshing to  be wearing "boyfriend clothing". Green Wednesday and myself now have a new sleeping buddy, Robearto. I'm sure GW and Robearto will get along famously.

My room is quite messy, and i am beginning to realize that the state of my room is usually has a direct correlation with my state of mind. quite frankly i'm frazzled with school beginning again (i will have a TON of reading this semester), the responsibility of finding a job, and one that works with the busyness of sorority business, aka PLEDGING!!  yikes.

memaw and papaw's cats are amusing at best. "snoopy", the siamese whose name has changed so many times i can't keep up, and feisty, the fat, but INCREDIBLY soft shy cat. snoopy totally cut my hand up this past weekend, and feisty served as a great object for my camera to capture. thank you los gatos!

well the final thing on my mental list is that i should be going to the gym, but the most difficult part is just making up my mind on getting to the front door. the rest is cake; it's so energizing, refreshing, rejuvenating,(maybe these all mean the same thing, so i suppose you catch my drift). well maybe when 7 or 8 rolls around i might find myself there. wish me luck.

my stomach is making motions as if it's hungry. adios