19 December, 2007

out with the old in with the new?

i can't believe it's already the end of one semester! it's as if everything around me is avalanching the fastest it knows how into the end of this year. before i know it, i'm gonna be snowballed right into college. oh gosh.
but i do find that as the end is approaching, so many news are filing right into my life as if that's what they were planning and meant to do all along. it's kinda exciting. :)
yes there are so many people i miss. miss as in we were besties. miss as in you have other agenda. miss as in you've moved. miss as in we just aren't the same anymore. oh goodness it hurts to see things morph. gah. i musn't really dwell on change to much. but it heals.
but the news.
hey travis work buddy.
hey there my kyle my jock friend--YOU are a hidden treasure.
hey there katie you're a bestie fo sho.
hey there will. oh man you're one of my favorites.
hey there phil. you'll always be the best.
hey joshhhhh. glad you're back mi amigo.
hey britt. we're back together!
hey kayla. we needed space and now we've found newness that i love.
hey jacob. i'm super stoked that we're more than just class friends now.
hey there "news".thanks for droppin by and i really hope you stay for a while.

i can tell i'm movin on up and about to be out. i'm never at home anymore. i love being out on my own and i'm so much more independant. i wish i knew what to write. overall my life is a 10. of course i have a 5 every once in a while. but december has been very good to me.