03 September, 2007


senior year has already been the most difficult for me. already have i been faced with several challenges- yes some easier than others. many have moved away. many have changed over the previous 2 months- including myself. many times have i had to just get a grip. many times have i had to step up to the plate. a plate in which i thought was too high. many times have i considered just giving up: now for instance. many times have i stressed too much. but many times i have stopped to rejoice in wonderful life that has been given me. many times have i enjoyed new company. many times have i looked at the sky and thought what a wonderful Creater i know. many times have i learned to just let the Lord me my shepherd. let Him be my guide. because of Him i can do all things. because of Him i shall have a sound mind. because of Him i shall have peace.

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