19 May, 2011

May Boredom

So I've been home at my parents house since the first weekend in May. I've been so bored out of my mind. I can't sleep at night. I wake up really late and then there is nothing to do. My room is still in shambles, and I still haven't signed up for my online Geology class...exciting. Don't worry, I have accomplished 4 things. 1) I bought another Vera Bradley hipster on huge sale 2) I have given away A LOT of my clothing 3) I finished Joe Don's surprise 50 origami hearts. They each have something I love about him written inside. *awww*  4)I've been working out a lot.

I'm mostly just ready for May to be over because that means I won't be alone every day and I'll be busy with schooling and a nannying job. I really am excited about this nannying business although I've never really had much experience at that...I figure just have a good time and make sure Mallory has a wonderful and intellectually stimulating summer. I mean, hanging out with a 5 yr. old every week day from 7:20-5:30 shouldn't be too bad, right?

Also, I'm so bad at this Maid of Honor mess. I mean, I've never even been a bridesmaid, and here I am with this huge responsibility. Oh, did I mention that I'm broke? I feel like I've done a terrible job. I don't know a blessed thing about how weddings work, I don't know what my duties are, and it really doesn't help that the bride lives about 3 hrs away from me. I haven't received much help from the other bridesmaids at all, and I'm just always at a loss even when I just think about it all...The wedding is July 9, and we haven't even settled anything for the Bachelorette party! I don't even know what one does at one of those!! ugh. Someone shoot me. Today I watched this show called something like "Always a Bridesmaid" on WEtv (it was a show about the MOH) just so that I could get a better idea of what to do. . Are we actually playing by those rules? yikes. I just want Liz to have a wonderful wedding. Just tell me what to do!!

In my spare time, which is all the time this month, all i do is surf DIY blogs. I mean ALL THE TIME. It's so exciting and really get my mind racing. I think this is a big reason why I can't sleep at night. I go to bed but my mind races with all the possibilities of what my apartment and future house could look like. It's ridiculous; all of my conversations even have to do with DIY. I'm sure my family hates it by now.

Well Joe Don is on deployment, and I'm already sick of it. Honestly, I don't even recall the day that he was shipped off. I do know that I probably get to skype with him tomorrow! If I'm correct, he'll be in Portsmouth, England. Exciting, yes. I can't wait to talk with him.

This is already boring me, and I would much rather be making something right now, so it's off to my DIY sites again ;)