23 February, 2010

empty day.

  • so today was good but then it was kinda like whatever. i wake up at 845 to the sound of the maintenance men banging on my neighbor's door. thanks hpu. 
  •  well liza looks out the window, and gasps at the amount of snow! yay! it actually snowed!!! now how perfect would it be if there were no classes??? i mean, i had 2 tests scheduled for today; one in math, and one in geog--something i wasn't too thrilled about you see. Well i check my email only to find no email waiting for me. apparently i checked it about 30 seconds too soon because liza checked hers and sho nuff there was a "school cancelled" day. so wonderful. thanks hpu. 
  • i went back to bed. friend text me to play outside. i unwillingly get dressed and all bundled up only to blindly wander through the snow and the snowball fights only to never find that friend. nothing is more lonely than that. maybe i'm being a baby. you say, alisha, why don't you just join a group?! well i can't make out anyone with all the flurries in my eyes, and let me tell you, i had no desire to throw snow around, much less be hit by it. no thanks guys. i just wanted to explore, soak it all in. 
  • so i proceeded to trek HPU by my lonesome. but it's so beautiful! our God is so creative! everything is enveloped in such a deep white. so serene. so pure. it's like everything was at rest.

so here i am. cold toes, breakfast trail mix in my belly, and an empty day ahead. what should i do with myself?