29 July, 2010

Day 1: my best friend

To my best friend liz, 
our friendship, as cheesy as this sounds, is something i secretly wanted from the first day at band camp. I was just thinking how cool you seemed and especially how cute you were dressed. I honestly never thought that i would meet my best friend through band, but here we are and i owe it to band tour! such good memories. 
All silliness aside, you really are a blessing in my life and your friendship to me is very very precious. I feel like you really understand me, and you're so patient too. All the things that i define in a friend you are, and more. You're so incredibly thoughtful and sincere. You are a great 'pick-me-up', so fun to be with all the time, you bring me out of my shell, and i really feel like we balance each other out. I love that our families are mirror images and that we can relate to so much, and I'm ESPECIALLY happy that i get to be part of your special wedding day! (i'm gonna cry my eyes out for certain)
i feel like there's so much more that i want to say to you, but know at least this much, you are one of those priceless friends. i don't know what i did to deserve you and i don't know what i would do without you! Liz, you are a hidden treasure, and i'm glad to have met you! I have your back whenever you need me, and lets stay best friends for a lifetime :)
looooooooooove you

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